Vendor FAQ

What is is an online marketplace that connects independent, women of color-owned natural hair brands to a global audience of customers who want to do business with them. We host a collective of vendor-managed storefronts ideally suited for emerging brands to broaden their reach and increase revenues with very little effort. Select vendors will have access to the marketplace to set up a storefront and list products for sale. We assist vendors with shop set up and provide support to get started with listing products.

What is a Storefront?

A storefront is an individual virtual store or shop on where a vendor can showcase its brand profile and products in an interactive design. From the storefront, a customer can learn about the brand and founder, view and buy the products on display, view and write reviews, connect with the vendor on social media and more.

How do I become a Vendor on

You must apply to become a Vendor on Membership is by invitation only. Once accepted, you will set up your storefront to start selling. You can get started by contacting us here to get in touch with our team.

What is CurlScout looking for in potential Vendors?

CurlScout is an exclusive, invite-only collective of indie brands around the world. We delight in discovering quality brands, and want to help spread the word about them. If a vendor makes it onto our site, well… it’s kind of a badge of honor. Among our criteria to become a vendor on Curlscout, we look for brands that have among other things a:

  • unique product that can’t be found elsewhere;
  • compelling brand story;
  • woman of color founder;
  • real authentic voice and connection with followers; and
  • brand image and product personality that’s distinctive.

Our vetting process ensures only the highest integrity brands make the cut.

Do I need a credit card to sign up as a Vendor?

No. Currently you do not need to have a credit card to apply to become a vendor on CurlScout. A PayPal account (Business or Personal) is required and you will be asked about whether or not you have a PayPal account in our Vendor Application. If you do not have a PayPal account, you should set one up before you apply because it is necessary to set up a storefront should you be accepted.

How does being a Vendor on CurlScout work?

Getting started with CurlScout is simple and requires a few steps. You will:

  1. Apply to become a vendor
  2. Set up storefront profile
  3. List products
  4. Accept orders
  5. Receive customer feedback

What products are allowed for sale on

If you are accepted to become a vendor, you will be assigned a vendor category. You may sell a wide range of products in your designated category, provided that they do not run afoul our Prohibited Products Policy. We encourage and look for vendors that sell natural hair-focused products in the following categories:

  • Hair Care Products
  • Hair Accessories
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Tools

Do vendors need professionally shot product images?

It is not essential, however, we do require all photos meet our Photo Guidelines. We want your products to look their best in our marketplace. Products which are submitted with low-quality imagery will not be activated until higher quality imagery is supplied.

Can CurlScout assist vendors with product photography?

We can help coordinate a professional photo shoot to best showcase your products on CurlScout that will meet our standards. Contact us to learn more about our U.S. Photo Shoot Service for U.S. vendors.

How do fees work on

Participating vendors pay a monthly Subscription Membership Fee (amount will vary based on plan), a Referral Fee for each product sold and the applicable payment processing fees (PayPal) associated with the transaction. Please contact us here to learn more about our membership fees.

How many products can vendors list?

The number of products allowed is dependent on the subscription membership plan you are under. We have several plan tiers available that allow up to a set number of products to be listed under the respective plan. We will match you to the appropriate plan based on the number of products you need to list. Pricing varies by plan. Vendors are limited to the product category their application was accepted under. For example, if you are a vendor and your application is accepted in the Hair Products category, you may only list hair products and no other type of product. The more products you have, the better. However, all products must be approved by our team before they can go live.

How do vendors get paid?

Our payment system is extremely simple! We utilize a third-party payment processor (PayPal) to process all orders. Once the payment is received, the payment processor automatically splits the payment so that the vendor and CurlScout each receive their respective portions from the sale.

Do I have to ship my own products?

Yes. All participating vendors fulfill and ship any orders placed on or through Shipping labels and packaging materials are not currently provided by CurlScout for any orders and is the vendor’s sole responsibility.

Last Updated: June 10, 2018