Margeaux Priestly GEAUXband (Ying Yang)


Our hand made Margeaux Priestly “GEAUX”bands are perfect for those on the “GO”.  This version can be worn around your head or used to put your natural or curly hair up into a trendy pineapple. Our GEAUXbands are perfect for natural hair or other trendy hairstyles.

Although Ying Yang has an absence of color it packs an interesting punch. This knit GEAUXband can be paired with neutrals for a monochromatic look or spice up a color blocking moment.

Choose from an unlined or satin lined version. One Size Fits Most (21.5″ – 24″).

*As each product is hand made to order we would like to ensure that we take the utmost care with your bespoke GEAUXband.  Therefore, please allow 7 -10 business days for completion of your GEAUXband.   

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