Bask & Bloom Wash and Go Bundle

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Enjoy a moisturizing wash and go with a soft hold, while saving a few dollars with Bask & Bloom Wash & Go Bundle.

The Wash & Go Bundle Includes:

(1) Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Ba (4 oz ): Nourishing cleanser that clarifies without stripping moisture

(2) Ease Leave-In (12 oz): Lightweight Leave-in that provides moisture and hydration as well as an herbal infusion to protect the hair.

(3) Twirly Hair Gel (8 oz): Conditioning and moisturizing styling gel, offers a light to moderate hold without any white flakes. Alcohol-Free

(4)  Stimulating Herbal Oil (4 oz): A sealant to lock in moisture and add shine. Massage into scalp as well to prevent dryness, itching or flaking


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