Bask & Bloom High Porosity Bundle

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Recommended bundle for those with Normal or High Porosity Hair. High Porosity is when moisture escapes your hair pretty quickly because the cuticles remains open instead of close.

The Bask & Bloom High Porosity Bundle includes:

(1) Gentle Herbal Cleanser (8 oz ): A gentle way to cleanse without stripping hair of natural oils, strengthens and provides a nourishing herbal treatment.

(2) Brahmi Root Hair Masque (12 oz): formulated to restore and strengthen the hair with nourishing ingredients for intense moisture. It includes an ayurvedic herbal infusion that aids in conditioning the hair and promoting healthy hair growth with the ease of detangling.

(3) Mango Castor Twisting Creme (8 oz ): heavier moisturizer for thick hair or dry, thirsty hair.

(4)  Silky Aloe Curl Pudding (8 oz): A butter-cased hair styler that conditions and seals moisture while defining curls. Reduces frizz, boosts shine and gives a soft hold. Perfect for twists, braids or protective styles. (Should be applied last when using in any combination of products included)

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