This Netflix Movie is Stirring up Conversation About the Stigmas Behind Black Women’s Hair

Netflix, you have certainly done it again. You have our undivided attention for this one.

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As black women with natural hair, we pride ourselves on escaping the fear of being different. But being our bold and beautiful selves has not always been without overcoming the stigmas and hurdles that accompanies naturally being us. Through big chops and edgy cuts, our hairstyles have always been a part of our self expression, identity and a topic of discussion, but it is our tight knit community that always reassures us to stand tall and be proud when rocking our crowns.

Unfortunately, there are many black women who have felt the pressures to hide behind hair styles that reflect what is accepted by society as beautiful. Netflix is releasing a movie starring Sanaa Lathan (yes, the role she shaved her head for) highlighting the stigmas placed on black women and their hair.

In the movie, Nappily Ever After, Sanaa Lathan plays Violet Jones, who lives a perfect life with a successful career and a fine man by her side. When things come crashing down around her, she blames her hair for the loss of her identity. In retaliation, she does what most of us naturalistas have done at some point in our lives. She big chops, but in a very major way.

After shaving her luscious locs, she embarks on an emotional journey of self-discovery, self-love, and learning to embrace her natural self as she discovers who Violet Jones really is after hiding behind the person she thought she was for years.

The movie, based on Trisha R Thomas’ novel, is set to release only on Netflix September 21st. Check the official trailer below and get your popcorn ready. We can’t wait.

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