This CEO is Spilling the Tea on How Women Entrepreneurs Can Mind Their Business

Photo Credit: OWN

As the founder and CEO of one of the most successful natural hair brands in the country, Mahisha Dellinger knows a thing or two about being a boss. From overcoming poverty to becoming an influential entrepreneur, one thing is certain, making it to the top is not a cakewalk. In a brand new series by OWN, Minding your Business with Mahisha, the Curls CEO will help mentor women entrepreneurs as they face the hardships of owning a business. Dellinger does not shy away from keeping it real, and these new entrepreneurs will soon learn that it takes a village and tough love.

The series is all about uplifting new female entrepreneurs as they face conflict and discouragement along the journey of running a business.Dellinger will serve up guidance and advice to the women looking to reach their goals and aspirations. Her wisdom and experience makes for a killer mentor who knows the ropes of the industry and wants to pass that knowledge down. Emotions will be running high, but it is Dellinger’s tell it like it is approach mixed with her drive to see other women succeed that leaves such a positive impact on each entrepreneurs life and business.

Raised in Sacramento, California opportunity did not knock on Dellinger’s door. Instead, she jumped hurdles in order to chase after what she was passionate about. After years working for Intel, she left to pursue her dream of owning her own natural hair business while being a single mother. Still having the pressure of making ends meet, she began working in pharmaceutical sales for a steady income. Her first step was investing in herself by digging into her savings to kickstart the process. From that point on she made sure her products served their purpose, which was to provide quality hair care for women of color.

Fast forward about 16 years, Dellinger has turned her dream into a multi-million dollar business with customers ranging from all backgrounds, ethnicities and textures. With her passion and persistence, she not only made her way to the top, but is now reaching back to assist in making room for and pulling others forward.

OWN network is set to premiere the brand new series on August 11th at 10 p.m. after Iyanla: Fix My Life. Each episode will be an hour dedicated to helping each entrepreneur turn their business around. Hope you will be tuned in. We sure will be.

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