These Crucial Steps Will Give Your Type 4 Hair the Juiciest Twist Out

The chances of achieving the perfect twist-out can sometimes feel like your odds are about as good as winning the lottery. For us naturals who rock with #teamtwistout as the go-to style of choice, achieving that perfectly defined twist is always the mission – the jackpot we hope to hit. But have you ever finally gotten to the promise land and gotten the results you’ve been dying for, only to not remember what you did that made the style look so good in the first place? Fortunately for you, we have the twist out game summed up to a science. These few steps will ensure that you don’t waste your time or products on another failed twist out ever again.

Clean Slate

The first step to mastering the twist-out is to start with clean hair. Product buildup from old styles can cause flaking and residue to appear in your twist out. It also allows your products to do what they are designated to do without any interference.

Keep it simple

Do not over saturate your hair with a mixture of products. Doing this will weigh your hair down and increase the likelihood of flaking. It’s best that you use no more than three products after shampooing and conditioning (a leave-in, oil, and a cream). The order you apply will depend on what your hair best responds to. Some prefer applying products using the LOC-method and others, the LCO-method. You should do what your hair best responds to. It’s your curls. You can do what you want to.

Major Key: Twist on Damp to Dry hair

As many of us with Type 4 hair already know from experience, the shrinkage is real. If you are looking to elongate your twist out, consider pre-stretching your hair after washing it. This method allows the hair to dry some before actually styling it. You can do this by using either the rubber band method or by twisting medium to larger sections of your hair. Once your hair has gotten to the damp or almost dry stage, then remove the bands or twists, and you can start your twist out process. This will make sure the moisturizing effects of the products mixed with the water from your wash day don’t team together to cause major shrinkage by the morning.

If you are short on time, and prefer to do your twist on wet hair, then you should try doing flat twists instead of single twists. Flat twists tend to elongate and stretch your hair better than the simple two strand twist.

Detangling + Twisting

Be sure to detangle each medium sized section thoroughly. This will make each strand smooth without knots or weird patterns when you untwist your hair.

After detangling, add an initial scoop of product to a section, but not too much because too much product can over-moisten and cause the hair to shrink which defeats the purpose of stretching your hair. As you twist, add a little more product to the ends of your hair to prevent frizz and to show some love to those fragile ends. Make sure you twist all the way to the end, and follow up by wrapping the twist around your finger a few times as if you were doing finger coils.

After following these simple steps, place a bonnet on and get your beauty rest because the next day will be full of slayage. When you take the twists out in the morning, use a light oil and gently unravel them. Fluff, pick, and style to your liking and you are good to go. Be prepared for several compliments and comments like, “oooooh, can I touch it?”

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