Introducing Our First 13 Scouts

Firsts are always exciting. There is an anticipation about the first time you do something. Like your first day on a new job, you first date with a new boo, the first time you did the big chop. It’s scary, exhilarating, nerve wrecking, and pretty awesome all at the same time.

Launching CurlScout a few weeks ago was a very special first and I am even more excited about a few other firsts that I want to share with you – 13 of them to be exact. CurlScout is now here in part due to these 13 firsts. They are the first 13 brands to join the CurlScout family. The first 13 to rally behind my mission to support small, up and coming natural hair focused brands and make them more accessible to our melanated curlfriends across the world. The struggle to find great products no longer has to be real ya’ll. We have arrived!

Each company has gone through our vetting process and been hand-selected to ensure we are introducing top-notch, quality brands to the natural hair community. And quite honestly, I am obsessed with every woman in this collective of dope female founders. I couldn’t be happier to work with all of these boss ladies,  so without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to our first 13 scouts.


Who: Tiffany McCullough, Founder & CEO

Where: Washington, D.C. metro

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: An experience of hand-crafted hair products focused on natural and organic ingredients, and aromatic formulations that are multi-beneficial.

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Who: Sherrel Sampson, Founder & CEO

Where: Tampa, Florida

What: Anti-Itch Scalp Serum

Why We Love Them: A one-of-a-kind formulation to calm scalp irritation infused with powerful natural botanicals. The custom-designed applicators make it easy to deliver the ScalpBliss™ serum with unparalleled precision.

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Who: Ketia Bradley, Founder & CEO

Where: Frisco, Texas

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: These specially crafted curly girl products are powered by results, infused with ingredient us kinky girls need and designed to promote healthy hair.

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Who: Alexis Stanley, Founder & CEO

Where: Merrillville, Indiana

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: Their Supreme Moisture Leave-In Detangler and Sealing Hair Oil burst onto the scene quickly accumulating raving fans and in only 6 shorts months has helped women of color secure the juiciest twist outs & it smells amazing.

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Who: Rashaunah Williams, Founder & CEO

Where: Chicago, Illinois

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: Their Windy City Collection is keeping curls moisturized. These handmade artisan hair products are infused with the most natural ingredients to provide the best, nourishing concoctions for the discerning naturalista.

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Who: Kummbareh & Bryant Owens, Co-Founders

Where: Detroit, Michigan

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: This team stands by delivering all natural products that keep your hair moisturized. Their line can be shopped based on porosity level to ensure you find the perfect combination for your kinks and coils.

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Who: Harriet Mugweru, Founder & CEO

Where: Aubrey, Texas

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: This product line is focused on simple, everyday products using clean and organically sourced ingredients. They are committed to helping you make safe and healthy choices when it comes to your beauty needs.

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Who: Angel Cornelius, Founder & CEO

Where: New York New York

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: This brand is looking out for our gray-haired curlfriends. Their sophisticated collection is all about helping women manage and maintain vibrant, healthy gray hair.

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Who: LaToya, LaTasha & Latrice,  Co-Founders

Where: Miami, Florida

What: Hair Tools

Why We Love Them: These Curl Care Detanglers were designed with your kinks, coils and curls in mind. This team of savvy sisters created these patent-pending tools to take the stress out of the detangling process. You may have 99 problems, but with Kazmaleje, detangling won’t be one.

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Who: Patricia Wonsey, Founder & CEO

Where: Orlando, Florida

What: Pre-Tied Headwraps

Why We Love Them: This easy headwrap fix is without all the tricks and has made rocking a headwrap hassle fee. No need to know how to tie a wrap. These patented, pre-tied headwrap designs have a base wrap and unique, pre-tied attachable pieces that allow you to simply wrap & go.

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Who: Megan Johnson, Founder & CEO

Where: Addison, Texas

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: Ingredients matter to this eco-conscious brand. They offer products in two different lines – one if you prefer to wear your curls and another if you are more of a straight natural, but either way, you are sure to find a product your hair will love.

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Who: Kadine Shirley, Founder & CEO

Where: Hamilton, New Jersey

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: This handmade, all natural organic hair care line gathers the purest and natural ingredients to enrich and promote a healthy lifestyle and transform your hair.

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Who: Stevonne Ratliff, Founder & CEO

Where: Oakland, California

What: Hair Care Products

Why We Love Them: Infused with botanical blends only found in South America, these handmade products are great for nourishing kinky, coily, dry, and color-treated hair.

Shop Beija-Flor Naturals now!

I couldn’t be happier to be partnering with every one of these talented creators and entrepreneurs. Your curls are in for a treat and I look forward to introducing you to the next wave of brands catering to our beauty needs.

Cheers to dope curls,


Founder + Chief Curl Curator

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