How Supporting Indie Brands Will Save Your Coins and Your Curls

As multicultural hair products and tools have squeezed their way onto the shelves of common major retailers, drugstores and beauty supply stores, we can finally celebrate being included. The fact that mainstream is taking note of the importance of women of color in the beauty industry is miraculous (and about damn time), but at this point in the game it is safe to say, we got it sis. Though we do have love for some of the shelved products,  others prove to be subpar leaving us feeling overspent and underwhelmed.

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Thankfully, small, woman of color owned  indie brands have come through over the years to remind us to always look to and depend on our day ones, only this time they are playing NO games. They have awoken an entire beauty industry that has consistently ignored our hair care needs and are letting them know they are here in all their creative glory to serve the community mainstream gave zero thought to until they saw the financial gains to be made. Independently owned and funded, these smaller brands have a purpose and are driven to solve and meet the specific needs of the customers they serve. In this case, indie natural hair brands have come to tame the curly manes of women of color with great products that work while helping us conserve a coin or two.

Spending your hard earned money should always lead to benefitting you in some shape or form. Shopping indie will benefit you in at least three ways that will help save you time, money, and your curls!

Time is money, Honey!

We live in an age where time is costly, so products that do the job the first go round are a must. Frizz, flakes, brittleness, stripping shampoos, undefined curls, and the list goes on – ain’t nobody got time for that! Using products created by women who have dealt with similar hair dilemmas will usually result in more effective products. When you support and shop  indie brands, you are guaranteed to spend less time searching through aisles of duds resulting in choosing products that are carefully designed to target your hair type. This gets you one step closer to establishing a hair routine and gives you time back to catch up on that new series or tend to other business.

Quality matters and so does your pockets

Remember, natural hair indie brands are made by entrepreneurs who want to cater to the natural hair niche. Like you,  these women (and some men) have experienced horrible wash days and products that do absolutely nothing for their curls. It is their mission to create and deliver the best concoctions that will stand above the rest. If it’s not quality, they know your hair does not want it.

These beauty brands’ passion and expertise is shown through the careful ingredient selection and unique packaging that holds your little miracle inside. You can expect ingredients that work cohesively to deliver results because the main focus of the brand is to solve the problems of the curly/coily hair consumer.

So no more falling for big name brands that throw a brown face on an ad. Your money is spent wisely when shopping  independently owned brands because they are looking out for you.

Giving your hair something to be excited about

When shopping indie, it’s pretty evident that what matters most to the brand is customer satisfaction. The ingredients will leave your hair thanking you for making the switch because the difference is evident.

These beauty brands set themselves apart by emphasizing the backstory of what makes them so passionate about hair care and creating high quality products. This may include personal stories of struggle to find products targeted for them, or just the lengths they had to go to in order to find one product that actually made something shake These entrepreneurs know the struggle is real. It is their calling to rescue us from the despair they can relate to.

Becoming familiar with the face behind your favorite hair brand almost makes it feel like the founder is your friend looking out for you. To know a brand you support is just as excited as you are to explore what your hair loves can be relieving. Their eagerness and love for their business, the customer, and the products show through their consistent engagement with customers on social media and how accessible the founders are as a whole.

Your curls and coils will be shouting for joy when a new products drop because you can rest assured it will be nothing less than high quality and fabulous.

If you are in search of an authentic beauty brand that has your back, don’t think twice and shop indie natural hair brands. Trust us, you will be doing yourself and your wallet a favor when you support beauty brands that support you.

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