5 Tips To Win The Detangle Battle On Wash Day

For many of us naturals, wash day is that routine time to freshen the scalp and relieve the tresses of excess product. For others it consists of mental preparation for the great big fight we know as detangling. Tug, pull, break, snag, pop, break, shed, sob, repeat. Detangling your hair should not be an endless cycle of despair. These five tips will make your life and detangling process easier, while preventing those snags and pops we hate so much.


The first tip you should consider trying on your next wash day is the pre-poo method. First part your hair in several sections, keeping in mind that smaller sections are easier to detangle. Then, pick a section to start and apply either a nourishing oil such as coconut oil or avocado oil or a conditioner with great slip. After doing so, proceed to detangle with either a wide tooth comb or your fingers from the ends of your hair to the root. Pre-pooing before hopping in the shower takes time off of the detangling process in the shower, making wash day go by much quicker. We would suggest leaving the sections in twist until you’re ready to wash.

Deep Conditioning

If your hair is a dry, consider applying a deep conditioner before detangling. After coating your strands with a moisturizing deep conditioner, cover your hair with a plastic cap and sit under the dryer for better results. Let 20-30 minutes pass and you are good to go. You will find that your hair is soft and ready to be detangled without putting up a fight.

Use proper hair tools

Using the right tool is key to solving the riddle of detangling natural hair. A quality brush or comb such as the hair tools created by Kazmaleje will make it easy for you to detangle your hair. Your fingers are also a tried and true tool you can always count on and use on wash day. Finger detangling has tons of benefits, but most importantly, finger detangling allows you to be gentle with your strands since you are in full control. A good hair tool will go a long way and spare you a headache, so be sure to find a good one and give it a try.

Drench your strands

If you are in a rush, and unable to do a pre-poo to detangle, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. For manageability purposes, the key is making sure that you are detangling when your hair soaking wet. Before attempting to detangle your hair keep in mind water is your best friend. Detangling hair that is dripping with moisture will help your chosen hair tool or fingers guide past any tangles or knots much easier.

From the bottom, to the top

Never, ever start detangling from the root of your hair. This is a big no can leave you with breakage. Always start from the ends of your hair, and work your way to the root. Doing this will prevent unwanted snags that cause breakage.

Detangling should not be a dreaded chore. It is something you have to do regularly to prevent knotting and even matting. These five best practices will have you suited and ready for your next detangling session so your strands come out on top every time.

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