5 Color Enhancers to Amp Up Your Natural Hair Color Without Dye

As women, we are always reinventing ourselves whether it’s through our wardrobe, our diet, the people we surround ourselves with, and often times our hair. From a new cut to a hot new color, a change in our hair simply gives us life and makes us feel brand new.

But as exciting as it is to do the switch up and get that fresh new hair color, the scary part is wondering if your hair is going suffer in the process because of the chemicals. Thankfully, a few brands are ahead of the game to make it easier to make the decision to change it up with dye free hair color.

We scouted five hair dye substitutions that will have your curls looking fleeky while keeping those beautiful strands healthy and intact. Yaaaaassssss!

POP! Curl

POP! Curl color gel is an aloe vera based curl defining gel that adds a temporary pop of color to curls and coils. This product is great for dark hair and will rinse out easily on wash day. This color gel comes in a variety of colors from subtle bronze and coppers to more vibrant hues like blue, purple and pink.

POP! Curl, $17.50, popcurl.com

Dark and Lovely Go Intense Color Sprays

Dark and Lovely Go Intense Color Sprays are an easy to use temporary hair spray. The Go Intense spray coats your coils with a bright color of your choice and rinses out on your next wash day. This option is ideal for festivals and concerts if you wanted to spice your look up for the day or night.

Dark and Lovely Go Intense Color Sprays, $6.97, amazon.com

Henna Sooq

Henna Sooq organic henna hair color is a natural plant-based dye formulated from the flowering plant Lawsome intermis. By using their ayurvedic herb formula, you can achieve a beautiful range of color tones from browns to blacks, reds and even blondes. Most importantly, this natural henna alternative is said to improve the strength of your hair leaving you with stronger, shiny, vibrant, richly colored healthy hair. All naturally!

Henna Sooq Organic Henna Hair Color, $7.00, hennasooq.com

Loreal Liquid Chalk

Loreal Liquid Chalk is hair coloring chalk that has been getting raved about for a while now and rightfully so. This product is great for transforming dark tresses and works well on coils and kinks. Like the others, it rinses out easily so after wash day you should be back to your regularly scheduled program.

Loreal Liquid Chalk, $14.79, amazon.com


Overtone is a vegan color conditioner. This brand offers the benefit of being a both a hair color and hair treatment all- in-one. It’s also sulfate-free, cruelty-free and curl-friendly. You can expect a quick 15 minutes for the color to deposit in your hair without all the harmful chemicals traditionally found in hair dyes. Lastly, Overtone colors are temporary and gradually wash out in a few washes.

Overtone Vegan Color Conditioning Treatment, $28.00, overtone.co

So if you’re in the mood to switch it up and want to try some color, certainly get your hands on one of these more gentle options for vibrant, healthy, colorful curls.



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