4 Hacks To Pick The Perfect Leave-In

Having a good leave-in conditioner is vital to your hair care regimen, but deciding which one does the trick can sometimes seem like rocket science. We’ve got the hacks and what you need to know to help you choose one that will work best for you.

Hair Density

An easy way to decide what type of leave-in conditioner to grab is to consider your hair traits and characteristics. If you have fine thin strands, a liquid leave-in could be your new best friend. With fine hair you should stay away from products that will weigh your hair down. If your hair is thick and more coarse, then a leave-in conditioner that is thick and creamy is recommended. Thicker more coarse hair types can generally withstand the weight of a creamy leave-in without jeopardizing your hairs volume or fullness.

Hairstyle Preference

A light and bouncy look calls for light products. Whether it’s a carefree wash-and-go you’re after or if you’re opting for a sleek silk press, a liquid leave-in may give you better results. On the flip side of this, if you want your hair weighed down, to calm flyaways and frizz or opting for a twist out or braid out style, a heavier leave-in may be for you. Creamy ones should do the job nicely.

How Well It Works With Other Products

Some products just don’t work well with others. While many of us naturalistas religiously mix and match brands with no trouble, there’s the occasional product that works best all by itself. Or, you might need to let it dry before applying anything else.

If you’re finding that a leave-in just doesn’t play nice with other products that you use, you may have to use it as a stand alone or see if it works better with a different product. In some cases, creamy leave-ins can leave a tacky film on your hair if you follow it with a product it doesn’t gel with. Try a liquid product instead, and see if that works before you toss anything away.


When choosing between liquid or creamy leave-ins, you also have to take into consideration the climate. The winter months bring much more than chapped lips and ashy elbows. The cooler temperatures can prove to be harsh on natural hair. Your favorite liquid leave-in may fall short and your tresses will usually require a little more TLC during the colder months. A creamier leave-in usually does the trick when it’s cold outside. During the warmer months of spring and summer, a lighter liquid leave-in is more ideal. You should keep at least two different leave-in conditioners at bay throughout the year to rotate during seasonal changes based on your hair needs.

Finding the perfect leave-in can extend the life of your styles and help retain the moisture until your next wash day. With so many options out, its nearly impossible to filter out the terrible ones at first glance. Here are a few great moisturizing leave-in conditioners in liquid and creams that you should check out:

Kadima Herbal Leave-in Conditioner, $18.95

Uniqurl Supreme Moisture Leave-in Detangler, $18.99

Beija-Flor Naturals Maracula Milk for Kinks, Curls and Coils, $20

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