CurlScout.com is the premier online marketplace for buying and selling fabulous indie natural hair products you won’t find anywhere else. These aren’t your run of the mill drugstore hair products that everyone has. No, these are highly curated brands hand-selected with love and care especially for women of color.


We  support small independent brands who are solving the unique needs of women of color. We have a bold outlook on creating a transformative platform that builds trust and brand awareness, supports up-and-coming beauty entrepreneurs, and promotes natural beauty through commerce.


Our mission is simple: make quality natural hair products and women of color consumers more accessible to one another. We aim to achieve this by connecting independent sellers of natural hair care products, accessories and tools to women of color who want to do business with them.


I’m Sandra Stanfield, the Founder & Chief Curl Curator of CurlScout. Since going natural over six years ago, finding good, trustworthy products has always been more like a wild goose chase. I noticed a rise in the number of brands popping up for textured hair, but many weren’t exactly made with the needs of my tightly coiled hair in mind. Through my own trial and error and search for quality products, I started discovering small indie brands that worked well and usually better than the mainstream brands that were available in larger retail chains, drug stores or beauty supply stores.

I noticed a common theme in the smaller brands I was discovering: (1) majority were only available online through the company website and (2) the brand was usually created and run by a woman of color. It didn’t make sense to me why these unique brands weren’t easier to find and more accessible to women like me. From talking to some of the founders, I learned that they lacked some combination of the time, resources and marketing know-how to garner the type of exposure their larger mainstream competitors enjoyed. So I saw this as an opportunity to level the playing field by creating an online platform for emerging indie brands to shine and get the attention they deserved – hence, CurlScout was born.

Through CurlScout, I hope  to revolutionize and simplify how naturalistas discover their next favorite product and also provide the support needed for independent, women-of-color owned brands to reach new customers, drive sales and grow their businesses. I hope you will come along for our journey.

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